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How it Works?

Below described is the procedure of taking your Free Trial or Regular classes online with us. Please follow the procedure, if still you are unable to do it by own. Don't worry our Techical staff will help you in the procedure if you need any help.

Quran tuition is provided using the latest internet technology. Tutors and students communicate over Skype telephony software using a standard computer equiped with a headset and microphone. Using screen sharing software students are able to view teaching material on the tutor's computer.


  • Complete the Registration Register Now.
  • We will contact you via  Email/Phone or chat online to agree your FREE trial date.
  • Click here to Download Skype Skype Software.
  • Add quran.seekho to your skype ID so we can communicate via skype.
  • Start your FREE trial - Click on the link sent by the tutor. This will install software and allow you to see the tutors screen.
  • If you are 100% satisfied with the free trial then agree the days & times for actual classes.
  • Agree the payment method for the classes (Fee Structure).


  • A standard desktop PC or laptop, headset with built-in microphone and a internet broadband connection.
  • Using skype software (available for free download from skype.com), the tutor initiates a call at the designated class time.
  • Using screen sharing sofware the students are able to view teaching material on their computer screen.